About Design Water

Design Water Technologies welcomes you to a new generation of chemicals.


Our goal is to provide safe, innovative products that solve real problems to the Groundwater Industry. We are the only company that designs, manufactures, markets,and provides technical service for our own products.


“Unicid” has provided consistent results for removing mineral scale and iron bacteria in over 26,000 wells since 1991. Iron bacteria will not return with proper development and monitoring of chemistry as long as there is not a continuing source (failed grout or well casing failures) of bacteria. “pH Neutralize” in the only liquid product available for safe disposal of acidic chemistry. “Sterilene” is a new direction, 200 times more effective than chlorine with no premixing for pH control. No oxidizer label. No shelf life issues....and price competitive with chlorine. “Mud-Buster” easily mixes with water to remove clays and silts from a well without promoting bacterial growths like phosphates.

Tools for Success
“DWT pH Paper Strips” & “DWT pH Meter Kits” allow proper monitoring of “Unicid” chemistry. “DWT Chlorine Strips” works with “Sterilene”. “WireHog Casing Brushes” are available for physical cleaning of wells prior to chemical treatments.

Technical Services

Our laboratory personnel are specifically trained in well water chemistry and microbiology to help provide answers with problems due to mineral scale, corrosion, or bacterial problems causing slime plugging, corrosion, and odors. Sludge and debris analysis is available at a nominal fee. See "Lab Services" for all services.


Seminars are available for continuing education or distributor meetings on Field Diagnosis of all Well Problems, Well Efficiency, Well Design, Successful Disinfection, Be Profitable even against Competition, Business Management,etc. Seminars Descriptions.

Field Training Video

This is a video produced by the Nebraska Health and Human Services in conjunction with the Nebraska Well Drillers Association. The seminar is taught by Dave Hanson of Design Water Technologies and covers physical cleaning of wells, chemistry treatment of an iron bacteria condition in a well, monitoring of chemistry during treatment, and comparison of results to cost of treatment.

This is available in the US and Canada as a VHS tape, CD, or DVD. Send a check for $15.00 U.S. to Jet-Lube, Inc. to cover postage and handling. Include your return address and choice of format. For export orders, Email Us for costs.