JET-LUBE CLEAN-UP II degreaser is a specially formulated low VOC blend of organic solvents designed to quickly dissolve and rinse away dirt, grease, grime, oil, tar and wax while being both environmentally responsible and ozone friendly. The product contains no chlorinated or fluorinated solvents, no hazardous air pollutants and evaporates residue-free quickly. To evaporate quickly, however, CLEAN-UP II is flammable. This product is California compliant and acceptable for use in CARB/OTC States.

  • Reduced VOC Formula
  • Fast Evaporating
  • California Compliant
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Non-Staining
  • Non-Chlorinated
  • Non-Acid Formula
  • Non-Alkali Formula
  • Residue Free

Clean-Up™ II

Industrial Cleaner & Solvent

Clean Up


CLEAN-UP II starts working immediately on contact, breaking down and dissolving even stubborn contaminants without the use of fluorinated, chlorinated or SARA listed ingredients. CLEAN-UP II slowly evaporates while cleaning and leaves a residue-free surface.




NSF Registered K-1
Reg. #137558


Safe on all metals and some plastics. Not recommended for sensitive plastics or certain painted surfaces. For sensitive materials, test on an inconspicuous small area first to determine acceptability. For electrical services the system must be off and time given to evaporate before re-energizing the system to avoid flash or fire.


CLEAN-UP PLUS is an ideal, environmentally responsible, ozone friendly product for a wide range of automotive, industrial, and marine cleaning applications.


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18 oz aerosol
29 KV
dielectric strength

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