Recommended Products

Construction sites are notoriuosly tough on equipment - exposed to the elements and subjected to rough handling and extreme forces.

Jet-Lube has the best products to insure that your equipment handles the heavy lifting, the extreme weather and that the equipment continues to operate safely and efficiently to make your profit projections.

Contruction Products


#202 Moly-Lith – Multi-Purpose Grease with Moly

769 Lubricant – Lubricant and Penetrant

CB-2 – Super-Lith Multi-Purpose Grease

Clean-Up – Industrial Safety Solvent

Gear-Guard – Paste Lubricant


Kopr-Kote Industrial – High Temp Anti-Seize

Moly-Mist – (MoS2) Dry Film Lubricant

OG-H – Open Gear Grease

White Lithium – All-Purpose Grease with PTFE

WRL – Wire Rope and Chain Lubricant/Oil

Z-Plate – Zinc-Rich Galvanize