JET-LUBE EZY-PAK #125 Packing Compound is specifically designed for use in severe arctic conditions. Formulated from synthetic binders, polymers, inert fillers and fibers, EZY-PAK #125 will provide a flexible packing under temperature conditions as low as -75°F (-60°C).

  • Synthetic binders, polymers, inert fillers, and fibers
  • Will conform to any shape
  • Nontoxic
  • Nonhardening
  • Synthetic base
  • Nonhazardous
  • Water resistant
  • Pumpable
  • Hydrocarbon resistant

EZY-Pak™ #125

Packing Compound for Arctic Conditions

Ezy Pak 125


Pumpable with a high pressure lubricator, EZY-PAK #125 will conform to any shape, preventing leaks and/or foreign materials from entering the valve cavity. Excellent water resistance allows use for steam applications. Resistant to hydrocarbons.


EZY-PAK #125 is specifically designed for use in severe arctic conditions and to provide a flexible packing for applications such as oilfield valve and wellhead used in Arctic conditions. Can be injected into any area requiring packing.

Oilfield: Recommended for valve and wellhead use in arctic conditions.


Industrial and Marine: Recommended for use in any application requiring water or hydrocarbon resistance at low or moderate temperatures. It is particularly effective in water, brine and aqueous solutions.


Not recommended for use with oxygen or strong oxidizers


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-75°F to 750°F
-60°C to 400°C
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