Design Water - Field Services

Design Water Technologies, a Jet-Lube company, provides groundwater field services as well as laboratory services on a sub-consulting basis to give specific expertise on groundwater projects, water wells, pumps, and water related problems regarding corrosion, mineral scale, and slime/iron bacterial growths.

Consulting and Field Services

• Well rehabilitation
   - on site project management

• Aquifer studies to include groundwater modeling.

• Test hole evaluation and field services
   - accurate test hole sample collection/evaluation
   - evaluation of test hole information
       - sieve analysis/evaluation/well design
       - estimates of Permeability, Transmissivity, Specific Capacity via sand samples.
       - interpretation of geophysical logs

• Calculation/evaluation of well efficiency on new wells or rehabilitation of present wells

• Evaluation of well development problems

• Writing/reviewing specifications for new wells

• Well abandonment/permanent sealing of wells
   - writing specifications for proper sealing of wells

• Pump maintenance
    - evaluation of pump problems verses well problems

Call our Sales Office for pricing prior to sending.
Toll free in the US and Canada, 1-800-538-5823 or (713) 670-5700

Payment Terms/Services
Engineering Services: Fees for service begin the day of travel to the day of return.
Per Diem: Based upon actual expenses at cost.
Travel Expenses: Based upon actual expenses at cost.

North America
Payment terms can be negotiated prior to the job and invoicing can be set up.

Jet-Lube will require fees and anticipated expenses paid in full prior to the project. For fees listing please contact us at 1+(713) 670-5700. The anticipated time for the project would be multiplied by a factor of 1.5 to cover unanticipated schedule changes. Travel time will be charged at the same rate. If the time required for the project is less than the time anticipated, Jet-Lube will refund the difference. Any time required over the anticipated, Jet-Lube will require the client to wire funds to the US bank account for any additional anticipated time, prior to completion. This time can be negotiated at the site.