JET-LUBE GRAPHITE PETROLATUM anti-seize is manufactured to conform to the requirements of former Military Specification AMS-2518 (formerly MIL-T-5544C).

  • Retains the equipment in serviceable condition.
  • Environmentally preferred anti-seize lubricant.
  • Prevents seizing during the assembly or disassembly of aircraft engine spark plugs and threaded fasteners and fittings.
  • It is suitable for contact with austenitic steels(non-magnetic steel), titanium, nickel and cobalt alloys, and other similar corrosion resistant metals and alloys.
  • Has controlled frictional characteristics so that the surfaces of the Nut & Bolt are torque to the designed K-Factor.
  • Assures full hydraulic efficiency by allowing the metal surfaces to slide over each other without metal-to-metal contact.

Graphite Petrolatum

Anti-Seize for Aircraft Spark Plugs

Graphite Petrolatum


The intended use of this compound is to prevent seizing during assembly or disassembly of aircraft engine spark plugs and threaded fasteners and fittings at temperatures below 900°F (482°C).


Specially formulated to prevent excessive over torque issues and has a very high static friction factor of 0.13, the unique blend of complex thickeners to help evenly distribute the copper flake unto the metal surfaces to eliminate metal to threaded metal contact.


This product contains graphite, which may promote corrosion of aluminum, ferrous, magnesium, zinc or cadmium alloys or platings and should not be used in contact with these metals.


Mil Spec




This product is an electrical conductor. Apply to spark plug threads only. GRAPHITE PETROLATUM is particularily suitable for use in contact with austenitic stainless steels, titanium, nickel and colbalt alloys, and similar corrosion resistant metals and alloys.


Nt recommended for oxygen service.


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27203 500 g brush top -65°F to 900°F
-54°C to 482°C
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