JET-LUBE JET-LOK TL-77 Heavy-Duty Permanent Thread Locker/Sealant is a general-purpose adhesive for larger diameter or courser permanent threaded assemblies.

A fast acting securing compound, giving retention strength, vibration proofing, typically in the range of 3000 psi (shear).

  • Heavy-duty permanent
  • General-purpose for larger diameter or coarser threaded assemblies
  • Eliminates double nutting
  • Retention strength of 3000 psi
  • Full cure time: 24 hours
  • Typical breakaway strength: 250-350 in-lb
  • Typical prevailing strength: 200-300 in-lb


Jet-Lok® TL-77

Permanent Nutlock



TL-77 locks 1" and larger diamenters, sealing against leakage or corrosion. It is chmically resistant,resisting fuels, lubricants, and most industrial liquids and gases.


TL-72 eliminates double nutting and or welding of critical assemblies. Using TL-77 permits reduced casing thickness, and eliminates cracked casings due to interference fit stresses.



It is recommended for larger diameter studs with course treads, and can be used to reclaim worn stud holes. For larger gaps or sloppy fitting parts, primers are advisable.


Not recommended for oxygen service.


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