JET-LUBE KILN GREASE HT is a premium lubricant formulated using a high viscosity, highly refined base oil. The base fluid is combined with an aluminum complex thickener which produces a grease with exceptional high temperature, water resistance, and high load characteristics.

This grease is ideal for use applications where temperature, water washout and contamination, extreme loads or a combination of these factors are present.

  • Has a dropping point of >450°F
  • Excellent work stability under high loads
  • Highly water resistant
  • Fortified with rust corrosion inhibitors
  • Color: Green
  • High strength fluid film
  • High aluminum complex soap content >10%.
  • Pumpable formula

Kiln Grease HT™

Extreme Service Lubricant

Kiln Grease HT


The aluminum complex thickener utilized in KILN GREASE HT was selected for its excellent stability, temperature and water resistance. The thickener, combined with friction reducing polymers and boundary lubricants, aids in forming a stronger seal against the intrusion of water and waterborne contaminants helping to extend the useful life of the grease while increasing the lubrication properties.


The high viscosity base fluid helps in giving the grease its high temperature and EP characteristics. KILN GREASE HT is less volatile and oxidizes slower than conventional petroleum oil greases, and does not tend to cross link and rubberize like silicone based systems. This allows the grease to be used at elevated temperatures and high loads with reduced greasing intervals.



For steel mill, pulp and paper mills, applications where solvent and water mix in an emulsion to cool or temper steel. Ideally suited for electrical motor bearings grease, for extreme high speed, and high temperature applications.


Not recommended for oxygen service.


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14 oz cartridge
5 gal pail
50 gal drum
0°F to 500°F
-18°C to 260°C
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