JET-LUBE MP-50 Moly Paste is a nonmelting, lubricating compound containing a high percentage of low-friction molybdenum disulfide (MoS2). Being a thick paste, it can be applied by brush or spatula.

MP-50 is water resistant, withstands extreme weather elements, and helps prevent corrosion on parts exposed to water, steam, most acids, and alkalis.

  • Non-Melting formula
  • 50% Saturated Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS²)
  • Film Strength of 300,00 psi
  • High-Temp >750°F (400°C)
  • Density 11.17
  • Friction Coefficient 0.06
  • NLGI 3
  • Black in color
  • Prevents Corrosion
  • High Performance Boundary Lubrication


Low Friction Moly Paste



Contained MoS2 is chemically stable and is attacked by few strong reagents. If the grease vehicle should be squeezed out, disrupting normal hydrodynamic lubrication, the moly-disulphide remains to protect working surfaces. It provides a low-friction shield to reduce bearing temperatures, protect working parts, prevent galling, seizure, stickslip and heat-freeze.



An extreme service lubricant designed to handle the toughest applications. MP-50 is the primer centerbowl lubricant for rail car applications. The low pour point oil provides reduced torque when compared to low tech asphaltic or wax based lubricants in the extremes of winter. The nonmelting, thick consistency also allows MP-50 to remain in place under extreme loads and elevated temperatures. Although expensive when compared to standard mandrel lubricants, MP-50 provides a real cost savings in extended mandrel life, better surfaces with fewer imperfections, tears, etc., thus reduced down time and greater efficiency.


Not recommended for oxygen service.


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1 lb plug top can
2 lb plug top can
1 gal pail
-300°F to 750°F
-185°C to 400°C
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