JET-LUBE OG-H OPEN GEAR LUBRICANT is made of highly refined mineral oils, a non-soap thickener, low-friction molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) and graphite, rust and corrosion inhibitors and extreme pressure additives. OG-H has excellent "stay put" qualities, will not melt or throw-off, and is ideal for use at high temperatures where other lubricants become runny or drip off.

  • Low friction molybdenium disulfide
  • Excellent "stay put" qualities
  • Very tacky with high adhesive
  • Easy to apply
  • Highly tenacious
  • Lowers operating temperatures
  • Will not melt off or pound off


Open Gear Lubricant

OG-H Open Gear


OG-H is a NLGI Grade 3 product suitable for use both indoors and outdoors under extreme weather conditions. OG-H replaces ordinary residual type tarry materials and is easier to apply; requiring no heating or other preparation. Far less lubricant needs to be used versus competitive products, assuring greater economy.



Use OG-H on exposed gears of all types; on steam and power winches, hoists, mill and forge equipment, construction machinery, power shovels and dredges, edger roller gears, shovel gears, dipper sticks, pulverizers, ring gears, cams, slipper shoes, rack and pinion, herringbone, bull gears, bridge and lock gearing and may other applications.


SLOW-MOVING BEARINGS: Use wherever high unit pressures occur in slow-moving equipment. Prevents squeeze-out, stick-slip and drag. Lowers starting torques and excessive power requirements of prime movers.

OTHER: OG-H is used as a multi-purpose lubricant on enclosed chain, wire rope and cable, ways, vertical columns, elevator tracks, journals, and sleeve bearings - any points subject to high unit pressure in slow-moving, mating members. It has also been utilized successfully as a ship-launching grease.


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14 oz cartridge
5 gal pail
15 gal drum
-0°F to 550°F
-18°C to 285°C
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