From its beginning in 1949, Jet-Lube has been deeply rooted in the petroleum industry. It’s where we started and one of the things we know best. As the industry grew and changed, so, too, did Jet-Lube. Now, with service and agents across America, we supply products for everything from down-hole to offshore.

We started with thread compounds, but have researched and developed a continually growing line of specialized products including drilling, completion and storage compounds, lubricants, anti-seize agents and specialty products.

Today, we have some of the most respected products in the industry and work closely with both corporate and small-business partners to keep tabs on ever-changing market need.

With increasing awareness of environmental demands, and our lengthy history in the oil and gas market and our knowledge of its viability – and volatility – Jet-Lube has worked to develop new products that meet and exceed regulatory requirements and reduce costs through improved efficiencies and superior equipment maintenance.