Recommended Products  

Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage installations need lubrication, sealant and anti-seize products that can take the heat during production and still ensure that ease of maintenance and repair is achievable in the field. Jet-Lube has the product for your installation, maintenance or retrofitting needs!



Arctic - Extreme Service Grease
CC-Lube - Semi-Synthetic Multi-Purpose Lubricant Eco-Certified Product
Jet-Lok II - Two Part Epoxy Thread Lock
Magic Wrench - Super Penetrant Eco-Certified Product
Nikal - High Temperature Anti-Seize
Nikal Nuclear - High Temperature Anti-Seize and Gasket Compound


Petro-Tape - PTFE Thread Seal Tape
PS Terminal - Electrical Contact Cleaner
Silicone Compound DM - Moisture Proofing Sealant and Lubricant
TFW - Multi-Purpose Thread Sealant with PTFE
V-2 - Multi-Purpose PTFE Thread Sealant