Seminars and Classes

The following is a list of standard seminars designed to provide real answers to problems in the groundwater industry. These are presented in a format that, I hope is interesting, informative, and funny. Humor is a huge part of getting attendees to relax, be attentive, learn something, and apply it. You will get more than “one tidbit of information” out of any of these seminars or I’m not doing my job. The evaluation of any seminar should be what you learn, what you can really apply to your situation, and if you can be successful. My fee for single or multiple seminars (< 4 hours) is $500 plus expenses. Please call for pricing on advanced seminars and for availability on dates as soon as possible.

“Understanding Your Well and System Problems” 2 to 3 hours, can be up to 6 hours. This could even be a two day, field rehabilitation seminar on iron bacteria, for example. This seminar explains problems that you routinely see in wells and systems. It provides real answers by understanding symptoms you see everyday in the field. These can include the “rotten egg” odor, other odors, coliform bacteria, E. coli, reduced pumping rates, low flow rates in piping systems, slime, corrosion, etc. The seminar explains how to monitor well performance and differentiate from pump performance; why mineral scale occurs depending upon water chemistry; why bacteria produce slime; what’s the difference in slime and iron bacteria and why shock chlorination fails; why odors exist in new wells and how well design plays a role. Odors that may suddenly appear in a system. What is corrosion and how to determine if corrosion is caused by water chemistry, bacteria, or stray currents. It’s critical to understand problems before designing solutions. It adds tremendously to the professionalism of our industry if we can solve problems for your customer the first time. This is applicable to anyone who works with wells, pumps, and systems and for regulatory agencies.

“Proper Disinfection” 1 hour.
A great follow seminar to the “Well & System Problems” seminar. The old....“when chlorine fails, just dump in more. When that fails, use even more”. Find out the dangers of large concentrations of chlorine, odors, corrosion, and why we still fail with positive coliform counts. This explains when multiple failures occur, what type of tests to have your local lab do to better understand the problem and how to address it. The different types of chlorine available is explained with the problems associated with each. This seminar includes a demo using local water, measuring chlorine concentrations and how pH plays a major role in failures. This will totally change your thinking regarding chlorination and make you successful the first time. This is applicable to anyone chlorinating wells or responsible government agencies.

“When pricing, you are your own worst competitor” “Profit is not a 4 letter word” 90 minutes
This is a favorite and it’s applicable to all people who want to be more successful. You will find out how to compete with your competition successfully, but not on price, on professionalism, and it’s a riot. It’s filled with stories of my past as a contractor in the field, in sales, as a sales manager of a major manufacturer, and as a present business owner. You’ve got to find ways of separating yourself from your competition to get the job in today’s market and you can do it at a higher price. That means profit. I’ve had many contractors call years later and not only say this works but every time they price jobs, they think of this seminar. This will teach you how to sell without pressure. It will challenge contractors to be better than their competition and give you a guideline to higher profits, more professionalism, and even happier employees. This is geared for all people of any background. After all, we’re all salesmen, no matter what we do in life. So get something out of it, be successful, and have some fun.