Sludge/Debris Analysis


Analysis includes:

  • physical analysis, including detection of odors, visual inspection, and comments.
  • timed breakdown of debris using the "Unicid" chemistry including coloration (mineral origin), effervescence (carbonates or oxygen), along with any odors created during breakdown.
  • microscopic analysis of any remaining debris like silts, sand, or corrosion by products.
  • general comments and recommendations for treatment of a well or system.


Where to obtain a debris sample

You can often find debris that is relative to a problem in the well by inspection of the pipeline. Check the pipeline as close to the well as possible. If no debris exists in the pipeline, doesn't always mean a problem does not exist in the well. If the pump is pulled, you can often get a sample from the drop pipe or the pump assembly (outside or inside). Use a knife to remove hard debris and will generally come in chunks or flakes. Sludge/slime can be easily removed.

Municipal or industrial systems

There is often a gasket with bolts on a water meter or check valve in the piping system. Shut off the pump and make sure there is no pressure on the line. Open the gasket and check on the inside of the fitting for any debris present.

Domestic systems

There is generally a "Union Joint" by the pressure tank. Drain the tank to remove all pressure on the line. Shut off the pump. Open the "Union Joint" and inspect the inside of the piping. You can scrape a sample into a container for testing.


Suggestions on taking a debris sample

  • For sludge, soft debris, or slime. Place this debris into a container. You can use a simple baggy but double bag for shipping. Add a few of drops of water to keep the sample moist.
  • For mineral deposits, hard debris. Place this debris into a container or baggy and ship.

Send the sample by any method, depending upon required time for the return of analysis. Include your name, address, phone number, and fax number for a report.

Send Water Samples - for analysis of water chemistry or bacteria to:


Jet-Lube, Inc. - Design Water Laboratory
4849 Homestead Rd.,
Suite 232
Houston, TX 77028


Call our Sales Office for pricing prior to sending.
Toll free in the US, 1-800-538-5823 or (713) 670-5700
for discussion of the problem, credit arrangements and billing.
No samples will be processed without prior approvals.

Include a company or personal check with the sample made out to Jet-Lube, Inc.

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