Jet-Lube - less down-time, more profits. Not all threads are alike, so don’t settle for a generic thread sealing solution.

Jet-Lube has specific formulations to meet your exacting sealing and locking needs.

Threadlock Compounds


Jet-Lok® II - Epoxy-Based Threadlock Kit

Jet-Lok® HP-45 - Hydraulic & Pneumatic High-Pressure Sealant

Jet-Lok® TL-22 - Removable Screw Lock

Jet-Lok® TL-42 - Removable Nut Lock

Jet-Lok® TL-71 - Permanent Stud Lock

Jet-Lok® TL-72 - High-Temp Stud Lock

Jet-Lok® TL-77 - Permanent Thread Locker

Jet-Lok® TL-90 - Wicking Adhesive