Recommended Products  

Whether cutting through a rock formation with a rotary drill, or shallower work with a cable tool or auger, Jet-Lube has products made to assist in everything from cooling rock bits to sealing pipes and valves - All while minimizing contaminants that may “compromise or lead to polluting“ a fresh water source.

Forestry - Logging


Bullseye - Environmental Thread Compound Eco-Certified Products
CC-Lube - Semi-Synthetic Multi-Purpose Lubricant Eco-Certified Products
Eco-Safe - Non-Metallic Thread Compound Eco-Certified Products
Enviro-Guard - Drop Pipe Lubricant and Sealant Eco-Certified Products
NCS-30 ECF - Anti-Seize
- PTFE Thread Seal Tape


Silicone Compound DM - Moisture Proofing Sealant and Lubricant

Sterilene - The New Chlorine
V-2 - Multi-Purpose PTFE Thread Sealant
Well-Guard - Monitor Well Drilling Thread Sealant Eco-Certified Products

WireHog - Well Casing & Pipe Cleaning Brushes