JET-LUBE - pH Neutralize is an extremely concentrated, slightly alkaline liquid with a controlled pH buffer. It is a naturally occurring mineral, readily usable by plant and animal life upon disposal.









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pH Neutralize - by Design Water

Neutralizes any acidic liquid

pH Neutralize


pH Neutralize will safely neutralize any acidic liquids with a specific dosage calculated by the volume and pH level of the acid being treated, without the danger of wildly varying pH levels. The buffering effect safe guards against over use so the maximum pH obtainable is 9.0. This liquid mixes more easily than any of the present powders with liquid acids. Reclosable containers can be easily and safely stored and reused. It is easy and safe to store, ship, use, and dispose of without environmental and safety concerns. On environmental recovery sites, chemistry Unicid can be airlifted from the well into a surface tank, neutralized, and pumped directly through the treatment system.



pH Neutralize can be simply poured into any container of any acidic liquid to adjust pH to safe levels for proper disposal.


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